Ethilog develops unit dose medication dispensing solutions based on simple and proven industrial concepts adapted to the specific needs of hospitals. These solutions can be implemented gradually without huge upfront investments and without the need to redesign all logistics processes.


Localization : Lille


FADiese2, joined in 2011

H2i Technologies


H2i’s mission is to provide hi-tech lighting solutions that are suitable for the mass-market production.

H2i designs and develops on demand solutions and offers a full range of LED engines & accessories.


Localization : Nîmes


FADiese2, joined in 2008




Cordouan Technologies


Cordouan Technologies is a nanotechnology company which develops and markets analyzing instruments. It offers particle size analyzers and refractometers for applications, such as petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, research and development, university, polymers, and metallic nanoparticles, as well as paints, inks, and pigments.


Localization : Bordeaux


FADiese 2, joined in 2011

Industrial Technologies