raises €400,000 from Fa Dièse, BNP Paribas Développement and JMYX Holding, an artificial intelligence platform that allows users to create chatbots and voice interfaces for connected devices, has recently completed its first round of fund-raising from Fa Dièse, BNP Paribas Développement and JMYX Holding.

Jean Losco, President of JMYX Holding and FA DIESE Representative declared: “With the advent of connected objects, smart interaction with, and control of, these devices is bringing about a revolution in our habits, requiring something other than screens and keyboards. With its voice apps technology and know-how, provides a complete solution that brings artificial intelligence to the control of objects with ease and speed, simplifying voice control and making bots more efficient. There’s enormous potential here.”

Nowadays we are seeing widespread development of chatbots and voice interfaces, but designing them nevertheless remains a complex task for developers.

The founders of are well aware of the issues, and have built a disruptive solution which enables the rapid creation of voice apps for use with connected objects and chatbots in 12 languages, without the need for any specific linguistic expertise.

Explains co-founder and CEO Hicham Tahiri: “At our aim is to popularise the use of bots as interfaces. Now that the number of mobile apps, websites and complex remote controls in use is increasing rapidly, bots are fast becoming the ultimate interface.”

Chatbots developed on can be deployed with all the most widely-used messaging apps, including SMS, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack et al, and also with voice command platforms such as Alexa, Cortana and Siri. is already being used by over 500 developers worldwide, including building voice apps for major corporations such as PSA, Continental and SEB, and chatbots for Orange and Neopost.

Nicolas Tymen, Head of Venture Participation at BNP Paribas Développement, stated: "We’re delighted to support the founders during this new phase of their development. The role of voice command apps in our daily lives looks set to grow fast, and we believe the team has what it takes to be a significant player in this major evolution.”

This funding round, coupled with the consequent support of new board members, means that will be able to speed up development by expanding its technical and sales teams, with a view to becoming the benchmark platform for the design of chatbots and voice applications. co-founder and CEO Hicham Tahiri explained: “In the long term, plans to make it feasible for conversational intelligence to become part of everyone’s lives.”